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Posted: January 28, 2012 in Random, Surveys and Polls

This survey was actually posted in Facebook. And as I create this WordPress account, I decided to share this with you,or whoever is reading this post now. 🙂 ENJOY!

1. First impression about Hey! Say! JUMP…

* They looked like someone who always lack sleep because their eyes were all swelled on their debut concert. LOL!

2. What do you like about Hey! Say! JUMP?

* Everything. They just never fail to amaze me in everything they do and did.

3. First person you liked?


4. How much time do you need to remember them?

* Hmm. After I became a fan, me and my sister watched the concert DVDs we bought and we had it a week until we memorized their faces and names. LOL! We got mixed up in the names and the pronunciations. HAHA!

5. From their faces, the most handsome is?

* YAMADA RYOSUKE, of course. :’)

6. The cutest?

* Each and every member has their cute sides. :”> I don’t really like describing faces as cute. Their habits and doings, maybe. :))

7. The manliest face is?

* Hmm, for me? I think it’s

8. The prettiest if they change into girls?

* Chinen Yuri desu. HAHAHA! I just love his neko-looking face whenever he cross-dresses.

9. The best smile?

* Hey! Say! JUMP’s smile mixed altogether makes the BEST smile!

10. The best face expression (mimic)?

* I loved Ryosuke’s mimic about YamaPi but I never stopped laughing on Kei’s mimic during YYJ!

11. The best body?

* Keito’s (Sorry, Rysuke. I love yours, too!

 12. Best  vocal?

* Hey! Say! JUMP singing altogether makes the best melody of all in JE. FOR ME.

 13. Best dancer?

* Who else? YAMADA RYOSUKE, of course!

14. Yabu is the eldest, but who do you think should be the eldest?

* Hmm. Him, still. He has that leader aura around him so I think the position as eldest suits him the best.

15. Ryutaro the youngest, but who should be the youngest?

* Still him. HAHAHA! I think the baby position suits him the most. Also, they all loved spoiling Ryuu.

16. Prefer HSJ members gay or gentleman?

* Gentleman, of course! Who would want their idols to be gay?! Gya. :S

17. For HSJ, except become their fans, you prefer to become?

* Their manager. *evil laugh* I want to be with them all the time, supporting and caring.

18. Are you willing if HSJ member (even your favorite) be a mate with your friend?

* I think it’s okay but it’ll hurt a lot, right? :]

19. What would you do if you meet HSJ?

* Faint. Kidding. Seriously, I don’t know. I’ll tell you when I get there, okay? LOL!

20. With Chinen

* I think we’ll click. We both loved teasing and bullying. LOL!

21. With Yamada

* Can I be with you FOREVER?

22. With Yuto

* I want to lear drums in his, Yuto-sensei’s hands. *laughs*

23. With Keito

* We’ll understand each other because we both know we’re both fluent in the international language.

24. With Ryutaro

* I’m glad to see you’re maturing very well but I wished you go back and make JUMP complete TEN again.

25. With Inoo

* I want to share my randomness with you! :DD

26. With Daiki

* Let’s share our passion for fashion, Dai-chan. And our love for Ryosuke. Nyahaha!

27. With Yabu

* Teach me how to be a responsible leader, Yabu-sensei!

 28. With Takaki

* ASTIG. Hahaha! I’m speechless. You just looked larger than life, really!

 29. With Hikaru

* Let’s both make the mood better for everyone! :DD

30. Favorite member?

* The moonlight dancer, YAMADA RYOSUKE.

31. List from the top to the least your favorite member.


II. Yuri and Yuto

III. Dai-chan

IV. Hika-chan, Yuya, Inoo-chan

V. Keito, Ryuu, Yabu

32. One word for HSJ

* Two words, please? TEN and AMAZING. They will forever be TEN because if not, they will never be as amazing as they were when they’re COMPLETE.

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