Ichiban no Takaramono Chapter 1

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Fanfictions
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A/N: This fanfiction is for my mommy Yuki and her one and only Kato Shigeaki. Loveyou, Mama!


The night was exceptionally chilly since the season’s in the middle of Summer.

Still, the cold weather didn’t stop people from busting through the large crowd going to and fro.

Tokyo City was at its colorful that night. And being born in the city, she has never stopped admiring the beauty of Tokyo especially at night. And that’s her current subject for her last artwork piece.

“Aah…” Yuki yawned and stretched her arms as she stood up to refill her cup with coffee, for the nth time.

She was going to stay up late. She have to. Tommorow’s the opening of Ohana Gallery. And that gallery will exhibit her artworks. That’s why she’s working so hard today.

She was a born artist. Painting has been one of her hobbies but she never turned it into a work. Her pieces were always ‘not for sale’ and always ‘just for display’.

“Ah, just the finishing touches more and you’re good to go.” she murmured and drank the coffee.

“Time to work, Yuki.” she said to herself and continued where she left off.

– TBC –

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