Ichiban no Takaramono Chapter 3

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Fanfictions
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“I’ll just make a call. Take care here,” he told his hired helper and went out.

He has been dealing with those women for half an hour now. And truth to say, he’s really irritated.

He was busy dialling his friend, Kei’s number when someone approached him.

“Ah, excuse me, can I ask something,” she asked shyly.

He looked at her. She’s cute. For her age, I guess, he thought. She stood for about 159cm. Just a little below his shoulders. Her curly locks were a bit messy, and her chocolate orbs show nervousness, uncertainty and tiredness.

“What is it?” he asked back.

“Do you know where booth number fifty-six is?”

The empty booth! He immediately thought. “Mine’s number fifty-seven so, maybe yours is beside mine. Mine is over there,” he pointed his booth. “I think yours is there,” he pointed the one beside his.

She sighed in relief. Thank God I found it already. She faced him and smiled. “Thank you, uh, Mister…?”

“Kato. Kato Shigeaki,” he smiled and offered a hand.

She accepted it and smiled back. “Endangal. Yuki Edangal. Thank you for helping me, Kato-san.”

“Shige would be fine,” he smiled.

“Then, Yuki would do, too.” she said and let go of his hand. But to her surprise, he didn’t do the same. “Uh, Shige, my hand?”

“Wha–oh, sorry. Nice meeting you, Yuki.”

“Same here. Thanks again. Bye,”

“Yeah, bye!”


– TBC –

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