Random Sentiments!

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Others, Random, Rants


It’s 10:33 PM on my clock and I have a 9 AM classes tomorrow, and yet I’m not preparing to sleep. Instead, I’m doing my homework that should’ve been done earlier. *laughs lazily*

I’m lazy, yes, I’m proud to say that. And to sum up to that, I don’t have enough resources to finish my homework. HAHAHA!

I want it to be Friday already!!! *LOL! The class week just started!*

So, I guess I just have to deal with staying up all night to finish my homework. Plus the thesis, plus memorizing the Mission and Vision of our school, plus the pending fiction I need to finish within this week, plus the novel I’ve been dying to finish and submit to a publishing house, plus… *thinks* nothing more, I guess!

Goodluck to me… and my brains. I wished I can handle all these without making myself go to a Mental Hospital one of these days. LOL!

  1. *yuuki says:

    Howdy, @leyleycarter! Thank you so much for liking my post, or should I say, ‘rants’? LOL! thanks again! :))

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