[HEAVY TEXT] Hey! Say! JUMP Asia Tour Messages

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Messages, Others, Random
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Here are the Asia Tour messages from Hey! Say! JUMP. I did some translating so if ever there were wrong grammars and spellings, please feel free to inform me. Thank you and ENJOY!

Yabu Kota
Konnichiwa! Yabu desu!
Anyways, it was decided–the Asia Tour~
The places are Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Korea!
We’re going to have a one-week concert in Yokohama!
I want to do a spectacular live so I hope you’ll come to watch us there!

Chinen Yuri
Konnichiwa! Chinen Yuri desu!
Somehow it was decided, the Asia Tour!
I hope everything will come out smoothly
I will do my best ~ ^^
I am looking forward to the stadiums ~!

Yaotome Hikaru
Domo! Hikaru desu!
Somehow, it was decided. The Asia tour for Hey! Say! JUMP!
This Asia Tour is possible because of your (fans) support.
I’ll do my best not to mention our intentions!
I hope it’ll come out without fail. Come and have fun!

Yamada Ryosuke
Yamada Ryosuke desu.
It was decided that we, Hey! Say! JUMP, are given the opportunity to make an Asia Tour!
Thanks everyone, this dream came true. All the members (Hey! Say! JUMP) are very happy.
We will strive hard so, keep supporting us from now on.
Thank you always!

Arioka Daiki
Domo! Arioka Daiki desu!
We have been informed that the Asia Tour was decided!
I believe that, us (Hey! Say! JUMP) goooo~ing to Asia, was because of all of you (fans)!
In addition to that, there will be a one-week concert in Yokohama so come have fun ^ _^

Nakajima Yuto
I’m Nakajima Yuto!
Somehow, there’s something incredible that we, the Hey! Say! JUMP, are going to do. We’re going to do an Asia Tour!
Going abroad was a dream of JUMP, so we are very happy.
It’s all thanks to you.
Also, we’ll be having a one-week concert in Japan so come and have fun with us!

Okamoto Keito
Hey! Keito desu.
We will be having an Asia Tour!
We will work hard! Please, come and have fun with us!
Thank you always ♥

Takaki Yuya
Takaki Yuya desu ~ ^_^
We have a very happy announcement for you (fans)!
Somehow, it was decided that we, the Hey! Say! JUMP, will go on an Asia Tour! ^_^
I will strive hard to show you a good show at every concert!

Inoo Kei
Konnichiwa! Inoo Kei desu!
The Hey! Say! JUMP Asia Tour has been decided!
Though I’m worried because I haven’t gone to these countries yet, I’m pretty much looking forward to it (the concert).
Let go to Asia together!
See you next time! Byebye~!!

(c) photo@watermark|weibo

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