‘SUPER DELICATE’ Special Campaign

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Announcements, News and Articles
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NOTE: This is for Japanese fans, most likely.

Like with the release of OVER single last year, also SUPER DELICATE will have a special campaign where you can get a special prize when buying the single. When you buy one CD (any version) there will be a code in the obi that you can use to get the prize.

Special wallpaper:
When you enter the code you can download one special wallpaper for your mobile phone of a JUMP member doing “Kimi ni shika miserarenai kao” (“A face I can show only to you”, part of SD lyrics). There’s 3 versions of each member, so 27 in total.
– Deadline: Feb 26th, 2012
– Downloads Here
Most likely it will work only on Japanese mobile phones.

With each code you can also apply for a special lottery to win JUMParty ~New Year Edition~ DVD. There are 10 000 copies of the DVD. You can apply once with each code you have.
– Application can be made here, but you’ll probably need a Japanese address for it. Deadline Feb 26th, 2012.


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