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I do not own the translation so I decided to just link it back to the owner.

In this JUMPaper, Yamada talked about Risou no Musuko and the experiences he shared with the other casts, Nakajima Yuto and Fujigaya Taisuke. It’s fun seeing him try hard to be like the Yutti and Taipi who can do a lot of things. LOL!

Oh, and he talked about their (Yutti’s, Yuri’s and his) upcoming graduation! Uwaaah! I just wished that he enters a University like the other members.

(I can do weird faces…!)


Note: I already have the permission of Elisa, the person who translated this, to re-post this JUMPaper. So, if you want to re-post this, too, ask permission from her. Thank you!

Here are the Asia Tour messages from Hey! Say! JUMP. I did some translating so if ever there were wrong grammars and spellings, please feel free to inform me. Thank you and ENJOY!